About us


To offer any client, whether an individual or a health organization, the possibility of obtaining the service resources of qualified and motivated health care professionals, in English or in French*, with the training and expertise necessary to meet the specific identified needs based on the state of the given situation, in a difinite time and place.

* Our bank of health professionals currently includes people with bilingual and even , trilingual linguistic resources (spanish and german).


Lyette Jalbert, the General Director, has been present in the environment of health institutions since 1962, and has worked in all hospital sectors as well as in occupational health. Since 1986, she was the Head Nurse in the emergency Department at the Saint-François d'Assise Hospital in Quebec City, was the Coordinator of Ambulatory Services at the Rimouski Regional Hospital ans as a consulting expert in emergency nursing services, she worked as a member of the Tactical Intervention Group in the Ministry of Health and Social Services from 1990 to 1995. Since then, she has worked as a consultant in clinical and administrative health organization in various institutions and agencies, including health care dispensaries in remote Northern regions, and more recently as the founding director of a firm specialized in health consultation, management, and resources.

It is our ongoing immersion in the health care environment, together with our combine expertise, that guarantees the quality of our listening, when we focus with you on your special needs and the specific allocation of resources that these require.


Our main strength flows from the hands-on health-care expertise of our corporate leaders themselves. This should clearly stand out whenever specific health care needs are dicussed with us, because invariably, we place the priority on the quality of the response to real needs, over the sheer quantitive allocation of personnel to be assigned.

Our signature can be readily recognized in the competence, the quality, and the professionalism of our health care resource people.

Our hallmark is in how well we listen to the needs of our clients and how effectively we respond to the specific needs in each situations to which our expertise is applied.

We are capable of providing the professional resources of highly competent and motivated people in all areas of activity, whether in home care or institutional care settings, and whether in urban centres or in outlying regions. In each and every case, the driving motive that directs all our actions is for us to start from the specific needs of each organization or individual, and for the ultimate health care clients to fully recover their autonomy.

Our involvement in any project always takes the form of teamwork that is shaped to your health-care clientele profiles. Services et Organisation de Soins Inc., is dedicated to constantly innovating and seeking out the currently best ways to meet health-care needs.

Qualified personnel

Organization management in collaboration with the existing authorities, assistance during the planning, organizing, managing and control phase with clinical administrators.

Organizational consultations on nursing care systems, developing therapeutic guidelines, health programs, pre-natal, new baby, vaccination, evaluation of budgets and allotments according to the real needs of our clients whatever their activity level.

Recruiting health personnel (résumé's collection and analysis, interview, preselection and selection according to our client's profile).

Replacing health personnel